is this burn??


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This spot on his shoulder right behind the head, little skin pealing like he shedding, but skin under looks little dark and dry.
My basking spot never above 95, usually 90-93C


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hey . im kinda having the same thing . just started that i noticed . and it's only on the side of his face . any ideas?????:confused: :confused: :confused:
Sometimes grayish marks on chameleons are from a fungus. There's one particular one that can be quite serious. He hasn't had any little pox-type blisters too has he?
hmmm fungus... could that be from a misting perhaps? i just use tap water for him... town water so chlorine in it ... but . i drink it... im not dead.. haha . :p . but ya... i dunno . i spray him w/ a spray bottle...

if you think i should take him in... how much do u think it would cost for a check up for him... and transportation... how do u take him... i have a lil plastic cage... but . i dont kno how well it would work... heating? it is winter... etc.. i dont have much money so i would like to avoid the doc's if someone here could help me take care of the problem... thanks
My first male veild developed something similay on its dorsal crest looked like shed to start and once the shed was gone his spikes were half the size, he went to the vet was priscribed baytril and a anti fungus cream, they did cultures but nothing came out of them so i never found out if they were fungal or bacterial. Today im pretty sure it was a fungal issues but cant be sure. He did heal up nice never again had that issue again with him or others but he was scared from it. you might want to get a vet to check it to make sure its not fungal. Im in canada so prices may be off but my bill was around 100. first visit was 60 the meds in total for baytril and the cream were no more then 20 ish, the rest was the cultures i had done. might be cheaper in the US

What is the ambient temp of the cage? How often is he basking?

Does it seem to be spreading?

I can't tell by the pictures, but is it superficial or it the skin starting to peel or flake away.

ambient temp is about.... 83-87
humidity usually 30-45 depending if it has been misted etc...
and it's not flaking... it's like apart of his skin... just a brighter area then the rest of his body...
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