is this a prolapse?


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i've seen a few issues with our males, but i wasn't sure if this was a prolapse on a female or something else? found her this way when i got home....

any recommendations for tonight until i can take her in in the morning to the vet?



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Sorry but yes that is a prolapse. Since you don't want to stay up all night, try to get some ky jelly - not petroleum jelly like vaseline. You need to keep it moist. The best think is very, very cold water, about 2 cup & about 1/2 cup sugar mixed well. If you keep pouring it over the prolapse it helps to shrink it. The cham will not like this, but it will help. After you use the sugat water to shrink it then put the ky jelly on until you can get to the vet. Try to get into the vet ASAP. Good luck and let us know how it goes.


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It looks like a prolapse. Keep it wet by putting a little ky jelly or something like that on it. Don't use vasiline. Get her to a vet as soon as you can. Prolaps are easily infected .


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Do what Laurie said (KY and sugared water), go to a vet tomorrow morning, and everything should be fine! :) You should also get your whole husbandry conditions reviewed, just in case. You can count on people on the forum to check if anything should be changed.

Good luck and keep us updated! :)


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used the sugar water last night and had her at the vet this morning when the doors opened....he's not in till 9 though and i had to drop her off at 8, so we'll see what happens with her when they call. will give an update when i get one.

thanks for the sugar water rec....i knew about the ky jelly...but honestly, couldn't get close enough to her to put any on it, even with a q tip and tongs.....(she's fiesty and pretty much hates people unless there's a wriggling worm in a palm)

i was pretty sure that's what it was.... i've had a male that i had to take in (turned out to be a sperm plug not a
*fingers crossed*


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what causes this?
It could be that they are eating too much, have intestinal parasites, or aren't hydrated enough so they're straining too hard to defecate. Or it could be just a random occurrence. It's not always clear what causes it, but once it happens once it's much easier to happen again in many cases. If the tissue dies it has to be removed, which in the case of a hemipene is not that big of a deal in the long term, but if it's an intestinal prolapse that could be fatal. Very important to see a vet asap because exposed tissue like this can die and/or cause bacterial infections. As others have said, keep it moist until you can get him help!

Edit: saw you took him in already - hope they have good news for you later!


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Its often a good idea to put them on an antibiotic for a while...and you need to watch for signs of the chameleon going down hill after the prolapse is corrected too...sometimes they will develop a fungal infection after.


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prolapse of a ovaduct? (basically related to the egg laying this month from what was determined) and of course, the recommendation for no breeding in the future.... (i expected that already just based on research and other posts and such)... they did offer to spay her, but for right now, the decision was made to xray to make sure there were no other complications or indications of a retained clutch or anything and the attempt to manipulate it back in. i will do what i can do reduce the infertile clutch frequency and if it does happen again, at that time have her spayed.... he hasn't called back to say there were any complications otherwise and we talked around 11, so hopefully that's good news.

i will ask about the antibiotics when i go pick her up.... thanks, k!
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