Is there a bearded dragon forum??


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I have learned so much helpful information from this forum. But, I also have a bearded dragon. I was wondering if there's a forum as helpful as this one for bearded dragons. I did a google search and only found one, but there doesn't seem to be anyone that uses it.
Thanks! The second one is the one that I tried, and I checked out the other one and all the post on it were over a year old too. I just don't think the bearded dragon community is as friendly.
In the second one, yes, some of them are over a year old but in the second section there are posts from today. I only posted links that were active.
You can talk to lots of us here in the reptiles and other pet section. You would be amazed how many of us have beardies.
Thanks. My son has one! Well one that we share taking care of. He/She is six months old, and I've been looking at pictures to see if I can determine the sex. We are not planning on breeding but would like to learn the difference.
Thanks Syn, I went back to the first one and it does seem to have alot of information in it. I was looking in the wrong spot.
I am a member of confess I am not on there much. It is a slower moving forum than this one.

But like Laurie said, ask away! To keep a beardie right is as much work if not more than chameleons.
Could anyone tell me if "Wizard" is a She or a He? I am not planning on ever breeding bearded dragons. I was also wondering if they lay infertile eggs, and if they needed a laying bin at any certain age. He/She is very healthy, and has a huge appeitite,

Your pic is way too blurry im afraid, see if you can tell by comparison (though 6 months can be tricky, only beginning to develop :)


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