Is she pregnant?

Yoshi Jones

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Hello my name is Sanai and this is my female veiled chameleon Yoshi
She is about 5 months old and I am worried that she might be pregnant. I am not 100% sure she is a girl yet but I don’t see any spurs or lumps on the bottom of her tail. She has been really stressed lately and she has been going to the bottom of her cage more than usual. She also seems a little bit hungrier then usual as well.


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You have a female Veiled. They are egg layers and lay infertile eggs like chickens do... You will need an egg laying bin for her.
They have more specific care requirements. Others will give you info on this. @MissSkittles

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Hi Yoshi Jones and welcome to the group. I do believe you have a female and I do not think that she is pregnant. Just FYI female Veils will produce eggs without mating with a male. So you will need to be prepared for that by providing a laybin for her. If she does start producing eggs she will gain some weight and will start to get roundish. The term is called Gravid. I hope some of this helps. You have a beautiful girl there. :)


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Hi and welcome! :) Yoshi is a beautiful little lady. She doesn’t yet appear to be gravid. She may be entering her receptive phase though. This is when they get all prettied up and show their colors and restlessly search their enclosure for a man. I don’t really see a lot of color on her, so it’s hard to tell if she’s receptive. It may be something different causing her behavior. Let’s review all of your husbandry to make sure it’s perfect, which is super important for our ladies. If you could provide the following info and pics of your entire enclosure, including floor and lights and we’ll go from there. :)
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