Is it wrong...


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It it wrong that the average 17 year old neglects his girlfriend to play Call Of Duty... and I neglect my girlfriend to to take care of my chameleon?


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Depends why really.

If you're saying "Sorry honey, I have to sit at home and watch my cham for 3 hours because he's cool"
Then yes, it's bad :p


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It's ok, I've found the perfect balance - the boyfriend plays call of duty for a couple hours and I have plenty of time to get all my chameleon chores done and then some :D This way, no one is technically neglected.


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i consider my girlfriend as basically the same amount of patients and care as a i divide my attention to all at certain times..alot of work but its worth it..( too bad girlfriends arent as quiet as chameleons..LMAO, im


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it depends, if your girlfriend so ugly that you would rather watch a four legged lizard that would rather eat crickets and worms and occasionally change color depending on its mood....


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I'm glad my husband plays the ps3. Gives me time to myself, and the chams. Plus... he better play it, as much as that thing cost us LOL :D

I play it too though.... NEW MORTAL KOMBAT COMING OUT SOON!! :D:D:D


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When I'm at his house, he plays games, I look on the forums, Not all the time though of course we spend time together.
I used to feel neglected because he's constantly at the gym, but now I don't have to feel rushed to come over when taking care of my cham and tortoise.


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Sounds good to me. My ps3 name is KTownkiiia. Friend me anyone! I am awesome at zombies and black ops if any one is ever down to rip it!
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