Is it normal that my chameleon is trying to eat my fingers?


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My chameleon used to puff up as soon as I opened her cage door but she has gotten a lot better. When I feed her I put a few crickets at a time in a small container and hold it up so she can eat. When I hold it up she doesn’t go for the crickets she goes for my fingers. Does anyone know if she does this out of defense? She’s only actually got me once when I wasn’t paying attention and she just kind of shot her tongue at my finger tip and then just pulled away, like she didn’t bite me or anything. And because she tries to shoot at my finger tips I don’t want her to do it again and like hurt her tongue on my nails.


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I have one that relates my hands to food now. He will shoot at my fingers even if there is not a feeder. I am pretty cautious with this due to the risk of tongue injury.
Try to hold the container so your fingers are gripping the bottom and then the top is just below her so she has to aim down and into it. This will remove your fingers as an option.


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I would just hold the container in a way where she wouldn’t be able to get at your fingers. If that doesn’t work, maybe try to set the container on something until she eats them. I would also recommend getting a feeder so you don’t have to worry about her shooting at your hands.
She might be shooting at your hands because she thinks they are food. Their eyesight is their strongest sense, so if she sees your fingers moving the most she would go for them. I think that a feeder would be best.
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