Is it normal for cham to have white circles aorunf the eyes?


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He seems to always have white circles around his eyes often? It's not a molt cuz I can see the individual dots of his scales too.
I'm also seen him for the first time walking on his cage floor though only very briefly. I'm thinking he was hungry as I hadn't fed him yet today.
Problem 2: My chameleon keeps an eye closed.
Sometimes, a chameleon might keep an eye closed without the
symptoms of a URI. You may see "gunk" in or around the eye. When
this happens, the chameleon more than likely has an eye infection.
This is also caused by improper husbandry. Make sure your cage
dries out completely between offering water, and keep everything

The first thing to do is give your chameleon a shower and follow up
with a gentle cleaning. Follow the steps below:

1. Turn the shower on and ensure that the temperature is at room
temperature. Keep in mind that if it is warm to you, it is hot to
your chameleon.

2. Point the Shower Head at the wall so that your chameleon gets an
indirect mist.

3. Place either the entire cage (if it will fit), or a plant inside
the shower along with the chameleon.

4. Observe that the chameleon stays relaxed. If he starts to
panic, then the water is either too hot or too cold. They will
also panic if the water is blasting them. He should attempt to
clean his eye by bulging it out. You may see the eye "bubble"
up. This is normal so don't panic.

5. Stop the shower after 30 minutes and use a moist Q-tip to clean
up any visible "gunk" on the outside of the eye. Do this by gently
sweeping the outside of the eye from left to right. Be extremely
gentle to avoid damaging their eyes.

6. Repeat Steps 1-5 for 5 days. If the problem persists, and you
are a customer of ours, please contact us by phone for further advice.

If the eye continues to stay closed, you will need to pick up an
antibiotic eye-drop from the vet. In our experience, the eye drops
work better than the eye ointments/creams. The ointments tend to
build up on the inside of the eye, which makes matters worse.
While treating your chameleon with the eye drops, continue with the
showers. This will allow the chameleon to flush the eye out
between doses.

this is from screameleons 5 day hints and tips. hope it helps..
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