Is he okay to get?


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Im thinking of getting this beardie of of someone from another forum. Does he look healthy? Should I get him..
Personally I wouldn't buy him. For one thing he has wood in the bottom of his tank which you know can cause impaction, I have ceramic tiles in the bottom of my bearded tank. How old is he?
I bought my veiled from someone and I have had alot of trouble with him, he is now in much better shape but I swore I would only buy from a breeder from here on in or a very reliable person. I would suggest if you really wanted him to search back on the forum and look at what the person has said in previous post, you can learn alot that way.
I do think a bearded dragon is a far better pet for you than a chameleon at this point in your life. As a general rule they love to be held and are easier to take care of.
Do a little resarch before you buy one.
He is 4yrs old...This person selling it isnt the owner..the owner went to college and his mom couldnt care for it any more so its up for adoption.
I have done allot of I did with the chameleon..He is also off the wood chips and im watching another one thats for sale that i want that is 10 months old..
Hmm, the people on also said, in quite detail, that you should not buy this animal, unless you have the time and the funds to recover it. It's a long hard road most of the time with these guys, especially when the BD already has MBD.

-Thin in the back hips and especially tail
-Low fat pad reserves on top of head
-Shed, the head and front shoulders are correct colour.
-Lip looks a bit rough, possible problems proceeding.

If you could swing it, look for Mali Uromastyx. Consider them a 'near' Vegitarian desert version of a bearded dragon. They have the same personalities.
However, he may not be perfect, but I think you should buy him and make his life nicer...
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Just remember....

beardies sometimes need vets, too. If for no other reason to have a fecal check every 6 months. Be sure you can care for, and afford all costs, this or any other animal you get.

Someone mentioned that you already checked with the forum. No offense to anyone here, but I would pay attention to them. I have a beardie and that is the place I go when I have any questions. They are a friendly and very knowledgeable group (most of them ;)
I've seen the uromastyx (they look kinda funny to me). My friend had to euthanize one because it was kept on a radiator by some dumb shmuck. He took the uro. from the guy and tried everything to rehabilitate it but it was no good. One leg was totally lame and had to be amputated but even afterwards it suffered so it was put to sleep. It was heartbreaking. Some people can be so ignorant.

I was also thinking of a beardie but is it harder to care for than a chameleon. My friend sed it was. He used to breed them and had 20 of them at one point.
The hardest part about a beardie is the mess, lol. They're little piggies. They're actually quite easy, I have five beardies right now, and they are less work than my two chameleons. I also have a Uromastyx, and I think it was a great suggestion by Will. They have different heat and diet requirements than a beardie, but overall fairly similar. You just have to make sure that they have LOTS of heat, LOTS of greens, LOTS of space, and NO water.

The final choice is up to you, just make sure you research well before choosing one.

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