Is he eating his schefflera?


So I just noticed that one of the newer leaves on my schefflera plant has holes in it that look to be the same size and shape of my bottomless pit's mouth. Although I've never seen him take a chunk off it, I'm pretty sure he's eating his plant...

I took a picture, let me know what you think...



yes Veilds will eat the leaves. They are safe, so nothing to worry about.

Lol not worried about Mr.Pink as I am with the plant, that I recently discovered is infested with flying aphids. I'm giving the plant a good wash down tomorrow with some mild dish soap, but now I'm reconsidering since Mr.Pink is eating it.

I'm also going to the grocery store tomorrow for some strawberries and other healthy fruits and veggies. He ate a really small piece of christmas melon today, which was the first time I saw him eat vegetation! :D I didn't even have to wiggle it in front of him or anything. I did however use the same tongs as I feed him crickets with.

Thanks for the second opinion on the bite marks though. I just wanted to make sure that was what it was :)


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They like the young leaves to munch on. I offer my veild's musterd or romaine greens which they love.
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