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Hello. My name is Theresa, I live in Tucson and I am addicted to chameleons. I have 2 ambanjas, 1 Nosy Be, 1 ambilobe and 1 sambava. I can't believe I'm considering buying yet another chameleon..
It all started with a small panther chameleon I bought from LLL back in September of 2010..
As a floral designer, I really enjoy decorating their cages. They are set up in my art studio. They really add beauty to the room. I think chameleons are fascinating-they way they look, how they feed, how they change color, etc. I never was a reptile person and now here I have 5!
To round off the household, I also have 2 map turtles, Speedo and Phelps. I have a Meyers parrot named Phoebe. I also have 4 chihuahuas-Lola, Jolie, Levi and Berry.
Last, but certainly not least, is my DH. He doesn't get the chameleon thing, but if it makes me happy, he's fine with it.
Anyway, there's my "zoo".
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