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Hi everybody, just thought I'd introduce myself, as I have been lurking around this forum for a week or two now reading up on things, and it always seems a little creepy to just lurk, lol.
I live near Windsor Ontario Canada, and have been gathering supplies and info, setting up a cage, have everything pretty much ready, now I need to find our new critter.
Any recommendations on breeders who would be able to ship to my area, and have anything available right now? I would like a male, youngish but not necessarily a very young baby. I haven't quite made a definite decision as far as veiled or panther, was leaning towards veiled simply due to lower cost (just after Xmas), but if there were any panther babies available in an under $200 range, their colours are really stunning so I might be persuaded into spending a little extra, lol. I noticed an ad in the classified section for some panther crosses in BC, but not sure about shipping, and won't let me reply cause I'm new here. I only read of two Ontario breeders, trinity's site didn't have any veileds available now, and I emailed Chroma about a clutch from their sire Atticus who looked really handsome.
Anyways, any opinions on which way to go - veiled or panther? I've been mostly reading up on veileds because that's where I was leaning price-wise, bu then I see some panther pictures and go "wow". Lol. Not that there aren't plenty of veiled pictures that blow my mind too! So I'm just still deciding. And trying to find breeder options. So any suggestions/opinions/advice, fire away! And thanks so much everybody for all the valuable info I've been soaking up so far! Looking forward to spending lots of time here. :)


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Welcome, good to have another of my neighbors to the north. I am only 30 miles south of Canada, but I live in the middle of Montana, so Medicine Hat is my nearest city. We are a very diverse group with a lot of collective knowledge and are all willing to give our opinions.:) So jump on in an get to know everyone.

On replying to the ad on the cham you are interested in, you can reply but we keep all that just between the two of you. Go back to the ad, click on the name, I will use Sandrachameleon, as she is the first ad, that will bring you to her profile page, right under her picture it says "send a message", click Private message, type your message and send it off.

I would go with which ever chameleon you really, really like best. You will have this guy for years so you might as well spend the money to get what you want. jmo


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welcome to the forums. I am from Stratford (approx 2 hours from Widsor) so we are pretty much neighbors lol. its too bad that cham nation doesnt have any baby veileds right now because that is where I got my f veiled and she is really healthy and has a pretty good temperment. keep your eye on the classifieds, Im sure you will find something. im not sure when but there is usually a reptile expo every few months in Mississagua and there is usually a good selection of chams if you get there early enough. good luck in your search. post some pics of your enclosure and cham when you get it.
vivarium in lasalle has a Veiled Chameleon male. his name is Waldo and he is a VERY tame male. very handable for 150$ he is alot older though, say 3-4 maybe 5 years old. i also know of a place in kingsville that has a juvenile female veiled for 80$ i believe. veileds do get pricey around here sometimes, but that is what i know is available right now. these are also kept up petstores too, vivarium speciallizes in exotics, where 90% of their supply is CB, very rarely do they ever deal with WC
Welcome to the forums. I too noticed Sandra had a 6 month old for sale. That would be a good age for a new keeper. I'm giving you a link below with some info for new keeper. Ask plenty of questions. The members here are great to help.
sorry jann, i've inquired already for two of the boys, may pick up just one. but if sandra will possibly ship to windsor, i would be more than happy to give this new kid on the block a chance at ordering one of them with me


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Yay a local!
And yes, I do know about Waldo, (he's a cutie!) we were leaning towards him actually, (no waiting, lol) but I've been wavering since normally I'm a "raise it yourself so there's no questions" kind of girl. There's a little confusion about waldo's past, and he is older, so I'm not going to get a full lifetime out of him, you know? But, I do like that he's used to people being around, and I know he gets fed goodies like hornworms & silks regularly (not just un-gutloaded crickets, like some lazy kijiji keeper might) so there's pros & cons there with him. What do you think? I mean if there was an opportunity of getting a 6 month panther for not much more, I'd obviously prefer that.
i know exactly what you mean, Waldo is just awsome but he is starting to slow down. there are like you said missing links with his past, he was orgionally at Vivarium, they didnt want to sell it, but ended up selling to someone that didnt realy care about the age, that person sold it to someone else, and then that person ended up selling it back to Vivarium. Kyle there is almost certain that it is the same Waldo from before, and from what i remember of him before, he hasnt changed at al. still looks the same and is just as healthy. i still wouldnt go for a chameleon that old though, unless it was for a steal price

if you want information on the female veiled, contact Kingsville Pet Supply. i would hurry up and get her because she is still younge, i would guess around 3 months. if you dont want to wait, id suggest gettin her before they unknowlingly start over feeding her, or messin her up. not saying they will, they pet store is kept up- realy well, but as all of us know, not very pet stores properly keep what they have in stock the best way they can.

also, how are you for supplies? i have a small aluminum cage i can sell you for 40$, it would be perfect for a veiled anywhere under sub adult age (6-7 months of age) just let me know :)


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Thanks Phil. Sigh. I just don't know now! Lol. I was really set on a male. I'm confident in my abilities and everything, I'm a pretty thorough researcher. I just didn't want to make the first one any more complicated than necessary. Haha.
I know that kingsville store pretty well too, just haven't been out that way lately, so I haven't seen that chameleon yet. The day I went to colasantis to stock up on plants for the cage, we ran out of time and couldn't swing through kingsville, but I usually go in that store every time I'm out that side of the county. Usually play with the ferrets, lol. She's good, like you said, she actually takes the time to research the species. My boss doesn't take that much of an interest usually, I end up doing it for him and telling him the rigt info. It's nice having someone else who knows exactly what you're talking about, places, etc, btw, so thanks.
As for setup - I'm pretty much good to go, for an adult. I have a 100 gallon flexarium, pretty well stocked with live plants, a couple of which are raised on stands so that they are draped above the mid-level vines for drinking or hiding under. More plants on bottom, several vines above the tops of high plants for basking (one side) and/or UVB exposure (long tube on top).
Ambient room temps are in good range highs & lows. I'll be hand misting several times a day and using a homemade dripper but humidity's still pretty low cause of the furnace going, so I will have to pick up a humidifier for the room I guess.
I went big cause I had the chance to get the flexarium for cheaper, but yeah, it would probably be a little too big for a baby, unless I cup-feed the crickets mostly.
That's part of the reason why Im anxious to find one, cause I have this big beautiful ready-to-go but EMPTY cage staring at me every day. Lol.
What do you think everybody? Old boy? Baby girl? Next baby boy I can find? Wait for something perfect?


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Welcome and good luck in your quest to find your chameleon! Be sure and post pics when you get him/her!!!


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You know once you get your chameleon you will need lots of patience, practice now - wait for what you want. Or tell they guy with the older veiled you will take him for XXX and make it cheap, you may have to dicker a bit.:)


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I know Laurie, good point. lol. I guess the problem is that I would probably be happy with any of them, so why am I complicating things with thinking? hahaha
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