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So according to the forum headers this is where I'm suppose to post my intro but I didn't see many but... here goes...

My name is Kellee (I go by Kel or Kermit) I am an animal behavior specialist dealing 99% of the time in the field of canines. I have worked with dogs for nearly 17 years, they are my first passion :) I specialize in aggression disorders, pack dynamics, and canine communication. I operate as a private business and we go by the name Compatible Canine Companions.

I have 2 boys 14 and 6, they are my second passion :) Kidding (they're really first). My boys and I raise and show netherland dwarf rabbits as a family hobby. We run BGK Rabbits in Nw Pa.

We are total pet lovers.... we currently have 5 dogs, God knows how many rabbits (I think around 20 last count), my older son has a 4 year old Ball python named Loki, and I have a 10 mos old mack snow leopard Gecko named Eros that I got in October (my first lizard :) ). Previous to Eros I had a russian tortoise for nearly 11 years (he came to me he was already "middle aged") who passed away right before I got my leo.

Since I have gotten my leo my interest in lizards has greatly increased, and looking for new ways to add to my new addiction I started looking at chams. They are SOOOOO beautiful, so interesting... really neat creatures. I also like knob tail geckos and cave geckos, as well as blue tongue skinks. I think/hope my next herp will be one of those in that group.

So that's pretty much me... hopefully I'll be able to bring something productive to the forum. Right now I'm just burying myself in past threads trying to learn all I can about the different chams out there. so.... HI :)
Hey there!

First of all, welcome aboard! :)

Second; i hope you like Ceasar Millan (the Dog Whisperer)! :D

Third; have fun reading everyone on this forum! We also have blogs that can be a great source of information for a beginner! :)

Fourth; do you have in mind any kind of chameleon you would like to get?
Hey there.. a fellow canuck :D I was born in Montreal (but raised in South Jersey...) thank you for the welcome.

So far I have been looking at the nosy faly, the Nosy Be as well as veiled and panther. Kind of a little all over the place, but I like "Show-y" colors and mellower temperaments (which I guess is why I have a leopard gecko :) ) so the list is open for suggestions. I love the horns on Jacks but the green is just meh... not too flashy...

Speaking of ma gecko... let's show him off

*Still working on the whole photographing herps thing. left is a shot when he was cooler, right is warmer and under fluorescent light*

Second... sorry but I really don't like Caesar... I'm more of a fan of the ORIGINAL dog whisperer, Barbara Woodhouse and her former student Brian Kilcommons. You see Victoria Stilwell (It's me or the dog) use a lot of Woodhouse type of training techniques. No surprise really tho both being Brits.

Lastly I have been enjoying reading a lot of the forum. I haven't made it to the blogs yet but I'm sure I will. I really love researching new species.
Hi glad you could join us. You did post in the correct area, but a lot of people don't see those post so I moved your thread to where people will see and welcome you!! :)
Thank you Laurie for both the greeting and the relocation :)

You are very welcome, what I try to be best at relocation is some of the wonderful chameleons our different members have. Very few are nice enough to give them to me - go figure.
Welcome to the forums!!! I am sure whatever you choose you will fall in love with it!!! They are addicting so be careful!!! I have just one and am constantly on the brink of getting another. Many members have multiples!!!!
Welcome to the forums! I am a dog freak too, but NOT a Cesar fan. Strickly clicker and positive reinforcement. If you want flashy, then a Panther is what you're looking for. BUT, as an fyi, the little boring coloured chams sometimes have personality that'll knock you out. (I like the smaller "boring" ones LOL). I'm sure before long you'll have several. They are very addictive, and people here will help feed your addiction. Lots of peer pressure ;)
Wow... y'all are really nice. Thank you for the awesome greeting and the compliments on my leo ;) leos are highly addicting as well. I've been onthe verge of getting a giant or super giant but just can't quite bring myself to do it just yet. I can only imagine chams are just as addicting. I also have a soft spot for toads... I've really been liking the European green toad lately since my last toad died :( I've been missing ma croaker...

Lisa if it's anything like my leo forum with the peer pressure I'm ready for it :) herper peer pressure it seems is soooo much harder to resist than the junk I went thru in school tho...

Haha thank you Harry... and that would be *HER* Avatar ;) Ozzy Rules :p but I generally go thru a variety of Kermit avatars, well frogs/toads in general I guess... it's a nickname friends gave me a loooong time ago, some type of play on me being french canadian. Can't wait to see your reaction on my Mariens bulldog let God sort 'em out avatar...

Thanks again for the warm welcome everyone.
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