Introducing Padre


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He arrived this morning and doing quite well. He had a long misting and dripping and he’s already ate well.

Thanks to all that helped me to prepare. A very special thank you to my husband for building his awesome room, and to Chad, Dr. Ivan Alfonso, Steve and Chuck.

His awesome room

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Damn!! Here I thought you were just building that room for the veileds:eek: Does the room have a drainage system?


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I can't beleive that you kept that a surprise-I would have been jumping out of my skin! :)


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wow! What a surprise Jann! He is SO beautiful! so that's what you were building the room for!!! Ok, looks like I need to take another trip up to Fort Pierce!!!! Padre does not know what a lucky cham he is!!! :D
Whoa! Here I was thinking the room was for Luie and Camille!
Padre looks fantastic! How in the world did you get your hands on a Parson??

I'm really happy for you :)

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:eek: Another chameleon?!?!?! He is just gorgeous Jann! I remember when Elly hatched and you said you had no room to keep her! Now I know the answer - just build on a whole new room! Congrats Jann, and welcome Padre!


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I am really thrilled for you. I had heard that a parsons might be going to Florida. He should be very happy with you. Where did you add the room? On the enclosed porch? Sounds perfect. Congratulations.


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First thank you for the nice comments on Padre. He's a really sweet boy and I love him already. :) I'll try to answer your questions.

Alex and Stefan, I got him from a Chameleon Forums member

Heather H. He has settled in quite nicely.

Heather B. He is quite photogenic but don't worry I would not enter him in the photo contest any more that once a year.

Carol, you are welcome to come for a visit anytime. I'll be coming to see you after tax season. :)

Tiff, we had to build a new room and Laurie it's on the left side of the screened back porch.

Cain, Luie & Camille already have a big open enclosure on the screened back porch that they take turns in. I have a large bamboo shade in the middle of my porch so the veileds and Padre want have to see each other. Baby Elly is too small still for the big enclosure. About the drainage, the porch floor has big holes between the wood and we just loosely laid down the concrete boards and left about 1/4 inch gap between them for the water to drain. So far it seems to be working as we tested out the room for the past few days. We are always open to suggestions if you have any ideas.

Veiled enclosure on the other side of the porch



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what a beauty,he is absolutely gorgeous Jann!!!!!

so is the screened enclosure for Luie and Camille inside of a screened in back porch? so double screening between them and the outside world?


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Jann where in the world did you put your daughter's chameleons? I don't remember how many you had to house for her. You are not going to have a minute for yourself, taking care of all of your chameleons. Thank God tax season is almost over.

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I had the oppertunity to see Padre before the move to Florida and he is a neat Parsons. It is good to see he has a great custom built new home. I hope he adjusts well into his new home.
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