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Hello! I joined here because I will soon be getting my first chameleon. I am going to a reptile show with a friend of mine next weekend who has turned me onto the idea of owning a reptile as a pet, and I'm hoping to get a panther cham. Since I can't be sure, if I don't see one there I will contact a breeder, but hopefully I can find my new pet soon!

I've already bought plants and ordered the adult sized cage since I don't know already how old my chameleon will be and because I will need it eventually anyway, along with lighting and fake vines and everything. Very excited about all of this.

As a person, I live in Jersey, am female, 22, and I'm a part time grad student/slob/bad musician. Up until now I've had pets since I was 4 but always cats or dogs, right now I have a mini pinscher and I'm trying to convince the stray cat that hangs out under my porch to love me (that's how I got the first cat) but he seems to be having none of that, haha.

Anyway, this seems like a cool forum and I have received more information from contributions to this forum regarding chameleon care than I received from any fact sheet or chameleon website so far, so I thought I would join and contribute. :)

Yay for chams.


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Welcome to the forum.

Always nice to meet a fellow first time cham owner.

You're right, this forum is great for info!! Any questions just ask!
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