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I just saw a few pictures of Montium chameleons (with the fin on the back and two horns).

They look really amazing and I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good resources for information on how to care for them, and since I noticed that they are not for sale at any of the major sponsors what the normal way to acquire on is.

I recently got a chameleon so I am at least a year or so away from actually getting one but I would like to know what is involved. I only have experience with Panthers at this point so any major differences are important.
How do you set up an enclosure for these guys. 100% relative humidity without getting mold ect?
they didn't really mean 100, but a lot

How do you set up an enclosure for these guys. 100% relative humidity without getting mold ect?

While that AdCham article is pretty much right-on about their needs, the "100%" humidity is a little bit of an exaggeration. Montane chameleons do need high humidity, at least 60% rh, I would say, and at times its over 80%. You accomplish this with misting, plants, and in my case, ultrasonic fog generators piping fog into the cages. Even with these measures a person won't be able to achieve 100%, nor should you. Here's a cool build story on one system.

Mold can be a concern. Its likely to appear on cold walls and surfaces. A fan in the room can help to prevent it.

A number of keepers here use glass enclosures and have great success. I have not used them, so I will not comment further. Here's one maker.

To learn more about Tr. montium, use the search function on this site.

And here are a few external sites:
Great article from the e-zine Chameleon News:
scientific paper: et al. 2003.pdf
and this site, which is in Spanish, but has some nice pictures
As far as aquiring one, you just have to keep watching for one to be available. They're virtually always wild caught, so they're only available whenever there is a shipment from Cameroon. I got mine from LLL Reptile back in May. You can also keep an eye on chameleon classifieds. I've seen ads for them there before. I've been looking for a female myself to breed with my male.
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