Incubation or no fan?


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Hi! My veiled deposited all her eggs early this morning. I went out and bought a Hova-bator a couple of days ago. It has a fan in it. I read a couple of places not to use the fan on cham eggs. Is this true?

I also want to make sure that I am NOT supposed to ever turn the eggs. Is that correct as well?

I have read so much about all this that I want to make sure I am given all the correct info for my first veiled babies. I am so excited, I can't even describe it!

Any "veteran" input on this would be greatly appreciated a.s.a.p. I am getting ready to get them out of the deposition cage and put them in the hova-bator.

I'll let you know how many I ended up with in just a little bit!

Thank you in advance! :)


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I get the hova-bator without the fan ...If you can turn of the fan on the one you have I guess it would work. Make shure you dont turn the eggs (there not chickens :D). I check them once every 2 weeks :) To see if any have molded,if I need to add water, etc.


New Member long as you take them out of the container they were laid in and move them to the container your going to incubate them in (with the vermiculite perlite etc.), they will be fine with no incubator. Some people dont use an icubator. I do and when I had my very first veiled egg a few years ago, I didn't use one for the first 2 weeks...I decided after to place the container in an incubator. They all hatched out fine.


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i just recommended to keep the humidity levels at 78% on your other thread. Also, hubby says no fan, well at least we don't use one and have had 100% hatch rate. And NEVER turn over the eggs. The babies are kinda attached to everything right now and by turning them there is a possibility of unattaching them and that would kill them. Pick them up carefully in exactly the way they are laid, no turning, no tossing, no playing ball, and gently place them in the same way in the vermiculite or whatever you are using. Don't forget to put the lid on the container as well. And then practice patience, it will only be about 8 months. lol.

Good luck,


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dude i wouldnt even use a hovabator. Just toss em in a dark closet with consistant temps. I bought a hova bator but i decided to not trust my eggs in a $40 piece of crap. God forbid that thing decides to heat up to warm. i would opt for a closet that chills out around 78

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Mine are in a plastic shoe box in the closet.
Definitely NEVER!!!! turn them!
Don't over think or over analyze this ... eggs in a shoe box do great!

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