Incubation data for Malagasy species


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Here's a page with incubation data for various Malagasy species that have been published so far in smaller magazines such as Chameleo, CiN, Elaphe, or others. I had some time to browse through chameleon literature and thought this list might be helpful for others, too. So I put it on the website instead of letting it mold on the hard disk of the computer. ;) If anyone knows of any other articles with incubation data from captive kept Malagasy chameleons, I would be happy to hear from you. Language doesn't really matter as long as I find someone to translate. Currently, mainly German and English-language articles have been included.


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Thank you for this. I’ve shared it with a few people needing this information :)


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I don't know if this will help... Furcifer oustaleti...
Thanks for this link! It's actually the method with constant 28°C that was suggested in 1992 by Schmidt for F. oustaleti. Very interesting that this is still one of the used incubation methods. I wonder why no one has experimented much with night drops in this species since then. But given the species' high degree of distribution and enormous adaptability, it seems that's not even necessary for successful incubation.


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I've never incubated oustalets eggs but I have incubated quite a few different species of chameleons and other reptiles and did all of them in a home made incubating set up that was not closed in so the temperatures varied somewhat from daytime to night time. I had a very good hatch rate and survival rate with my odd incubator too.
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