Incredible Ambilobes for sale...

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I have some incredible Ambilobes for sale that were sired by my orange body blue bar breeder Yamz. The available males are 3-4 mos old and they are displaying INTENSE orange/red backgrounds. I have spared no expense with regards to providing optimum care and nutrition and I have no doubt that they will make awesome additions to any collection.

My asking price is $300 shipped (Fedex Overnight) and I prefer to process all transactions via PayPal.

We are limited to five pics per post, so feel free to contact me via email (bighutch[email protected]) or PM if you have additional questions or concerns.

Thanks for looking.


Pic 1 - Sire
Pic 2 - Dam's Sire
Pic 3 - Availalbe animal - A5
Pic 4 - Available animal - B1
Pic 5 - Available animal - D2


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