Incident with lll reptile lol

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so I ordered an 18" Reptisun 5.0 a fluckers 75 watt black light and a jar of zoo med calcium without d3 but when my order came the calcium was a rep cal without d3 instead. So i decided not to call lll reptile as the rep cal cost more than the zoo med.
My guess would be they lacked the cheaper supplement so substituted the more costly one at their expense. They are very good when it comes to customer service.

They are a board sponsor and do have a presence here, so it's possible they will see this thread. I'm sure they will be very happy that they gave you what you needed.
Their customer service is awesome like that. It was probaly on purpose. I ordered crickets from them and they arrived smashed. I sent them an email and the next day they sent me a new shipment.
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the calcium without d3

was for my chameleon i use calcium with d3 for my non uvb reptiles like my leopard and crested gecko
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