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today i was out getting groceries etc. and was looking for vermiculite first i looked at walmart then home depot and lowes and none of those places had any . i wanted to get some for the next time my chameleons lay eggs as ive read vermiculite is better then perlite (all of the places i mentioned have perlite) the question is perlite not as good as vermiculite?
Are you positive that you will be able to responsibly raise and sell all these babies? If you have any doubts, don't worry about the incubation medium. The Business of Breeding by Bill Strand

If you are, then you are already looking at the stores that should and in my case do carry both items, minus the garden stores and plant nurseries.
i am positive i will be able to raise and sell the baby chameleons i already have 2 extra cages with lights ,bend-a-vines , live plants etc. as for selling i already talked to someone who has been breeding for 10 yrs. i believe i am responisible enough to not only raise and sell them but to raise very healthy babies and i know for a fact that there are some people right now that breed and sell sickly animals that are underfeed and sold at a young age.

what does concern me is the bottom feeders this is my main concern that person/persons might GET IN MY WAY providing no one gets in my way i should do alright. i considered the fact that a person/persons might try to make things difficult, now so far ive had 100% cooperation ,for the most part most of the people ive done business with are not bottom feeders.

the issue here is MY health because i had 3 stomach surgeries in the past 10 months i have been told that ive nothing to worry about and that i am healthy now. ive also been told that i will be able to raise these babies with success ,i feel it would be stupid to sit back and ignore what doctors have told me and do nothing because i might die ,truth is any breeder could die and there be x amount of baby chameleons with no home and nowhere to go. and there's not gonna be that many at one time.

i know of a few places to find very fine grade vermiculite on the web. i wanted to find some local. one place i know has the best as its processed specifically for incubating reptiles. i was going to try something less expensive .
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Do you live in the States? I've heard that its hard to find vermiculite in some places there because it might contain asbestos.
Fate X ...I forgot to say that I'm sorry you have had to have surgery so many times. I hope that they are right when they say you have nothing to worry about. It must have been terrible....and it must still be a worry to you.
I have been lucky to find vermiculite at my local home depot. They carry a certified Asbestos free version. I am in PA so I am not far from you. I just went to the site and picked a my store location it even told me how many bags they had in stock. I hope all is well with you
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