How do you view "a good chameleon importer?"
Wouldn't you rather patronize a captive bred, to discourage the raping of the lands and depletion of chameleons in the wilds?
The imported chameleon is closer to his wild instincts than the captive bred. Takes a few generations or so to get the wild instinct down to a low roar. What are you looking for in a chameleon/s?
I may have some leads for you.
I am looking for an overall knowledge intaking experience with chameleons, i think working with wild caught chameleons can help me learn and critique my care taking habits. Also, i suppose it is the desire to see the other side of these old world chameleons. Never have i experienced a wild caught chameleon. Experienceing this would be a joy and privledge that would enlighten me just a little more.

Also, i suppose i view a good chameleon importer as someone who is trust worthy.
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Oh. ok... The people I would recommend are breeders, but the parents are wild caught. I would look to Hawaii for someone to catch you one though. Because I am trying to disuade/keep the market for wild caught in Madagascar from expanding. In fact, I'd like to kill the market there. We need to leave certain places and things alone. Too many species are becoming extinct. Only a few of many that are caught and exported actually live. So the masses of deaths created by exporting is SEVERE. Surely you do not want to contribute to the deaths of many who are plucked from their sleep by men after money and have no heart for the chameleon life? My guy's parents were wild and he is too. Just instinctively. It's going to be a few generations to breed that out. If you are interested in one from the wild parents, I can give you the site where I got him, yeah?
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