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My Jacksons don't appear to be eating much. My family and I believe the crickets we are feeding them may be too large for them. Is there an alternative food i can feed them something smaller?? please e-mail me at [email protected] if u have any possible solutions to my dilemma.:(
Ahh reptile food.

There are lots and lots of alternatives to crickets.

First.. you can buy smaller crickets, if you are willing to buy them online.

But, other feeders:

Cockroaches (you can buy them online, don't use wild ones because of pesticides)
wax worms
house flies (buy them online for the same reason as cockroaches)
grass hoppers, if you can catch them in a pesticide free area.
moths, same as grasshoppers.
meal worms
fruit flies, if your chams are just babies
butterworms (I hate them, they stink.)
stick insects, if you can find them for sale. They are illegal in a lot of states.
praying mantis- you can buy these online as ova and they will hatch. High mortality rate because they canabalize each other.. but make for a good food.
"phoenix" worms- really larvae of the soldier fly

How old is your Jackson's? What type of set up do you have it in? Are you sure there isn't something else going on that is causing it to not eat?

Hey Heika Thanks for all of the information you have given me. We just received a smalleer variety of crickets. We shall also try another type of insect.

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