im trying to do a pygmy setup


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okay, i have a cage to put them in.

i was gonna put repti-bark.
a uvb light, how stron should i do it? like a 2.5 one? cause i think 5.0 would be too strong.

do they need a dripper or can i just mist them?

i was going to put a stick and some fake vines and stuff.

what calcium do i need to use ? like the one without d3? or with?

i think thats all i can think of right now.

please help me out. thanks in advance. (8

lisa h

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Use something more "soil like" than repti bark. Organic soil, coco fibre mix is ok. Reptibark is too "chunky" for egg laying.

A *linear* 2.0 or a used 5.0 bulb is fine.

I don't use a dripper, but I do mist 3 x per day.

You need the same supplements as you do for other chams: Calcium with D3, Calcium without D3, and a multivitamin. I supplement once per week. For example, Calcium without D3 three times a month, Calcium with D3 once per month, and a multivitamin about every 6 to 8 weeks.

Any other questions, just ask :)

Did you end up getting some plants, and a proper enclosure?


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what about if i get some cocofiber and mix in some repti bark in it so its not completely soil.

okay yeah i was going to get a slimline 2.0 because the light is going to be laying on the tank and not hanging over.

im going to get a 12 x 12 x 12 terrerium.

i didnt want to get real plants because i dont really want to deal with real plants. i dont have a green thumb. )8 lol

i didnt think they needed a dripper either.

alright i wanted to get the whole calcium thing right so i dont kill it.
is it like normal chameleons that you have to give it calcium everyday?

lisa h

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Do the cocofiber and don't worry about the repti bark. Complete soil is ok.

I think the slimline has plastic over the light? Be sure to take that off as the UV will not penetrate the plastice (maybe you knew that)

I kill any plant I look at, **however** if you get a couple of easy plants, you can't kill them. They just live in there with your pygmies, and they get the water when you water they pygs. Just try planting a small pothos and don't do anything with it. It provides nice coverage and nice climbing vines. Don't put it in a pot -- just plop it right in the soil. I was worried about live plants too, and started with fakes. The real ones are so much better!

No, you don't give the calcium everyday. Read my example from my last post. I do one supplement once per week. I can reword it if it doesn't make sense.

How many pygmies are you getting? Male or female?


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i was going to get one male and one female.

yeah i know about the uv light an the plastic.

i really didnt want to get a real plant because this is a gift.

lisa h

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Sounds good, except for the plant part LOL :p

Good luck with them, and at some point expect to see little babies at the top of the plants and sticks. They are the tiniest things ever!
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