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Ok i wanna make a automatic mister that goes off every 3 or so hours. How or where can i get a timer that will do that for me?? i just need to find a way to get my homemade misting system to go on and off by itself every few hours so i dont have to turn it on and off? any help?
look into sprinkler timers at any harware or garden center they will do what you want and can be connected to any system with proper modifacations if needed.
You can go scan around WalMart, Lowe's, or Home Depot. Something like in this picture will work.


If you do use something like this you will have to find some adapters. Usually means your going to be wondering back and forth between the garden section and plumbing.

I have also heard but not seen that aquarium stores carry in-line valves for 1/4" line. Some also come with timers. So if you have an aquarium shop around it may warrant a look around there. From the prices I have heard they run about the same as the sprinkler timers with less cosmetic work.
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