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Mr .fernandez was diagnosed with mouth rot,ri,and gout ,i rescued him from a Craigslist killer ... he has been on the bottom of his cage for 3 days now ,I'm making sure he drinks water,vet prescribed batril ,and I'm putting him in the restroom for 10 min for extra humidity ,is there anything else I can do? He seems so weak like hes about to die! He re,ently stoped eating now if i put a cricket in his mouth he spits it out, his mouth is still full of mucus And his gums are swolen... I'm taling him back to the vet on Friday ,I even scraped the build up off his teeth with a tooth brush ,please help with suggestions ,I don't want him to die ...
Try smashing up the crickets first and putting it in his mouth? Maybe horn worms? Forcing nutrition seems necessary Unfortunately. Good luck!
I would force feed him. Im pretty sure you could feed him with one of those kitten synergines. Maybe one of the senior members can confirm that for you before doing it.

Im not really sure whatelse, just trying to brain storm for you. Good luck! He breaks my heart.
I've never had to force feed but I've seen people on here mention forcing bug juice, which would be a blend of bugs and other things like calcium powder and pedialyte. I do not have a recipe for it since I've never used it so do a search for it and maybe someone else here has used some successfully. If he gapes at you you can just put a needle-less syringe/dropper in his mouth and squeeze it, if not I saw a guide on the reptaid website (never used the product, can't comment on effectiveness, but it is promoted to help cure infections and increase appetite) a while ago for prying their mouths open with those rubber spatulas, which I'm sure would be quite stressful and painful for a guy with a mouth infection, but a safe way to get the mouth open. Force-feeding should always be a last option, but if he is refusing food you are likely at that point already.
I don't know what vet you are seeing but from where you live I would take him to Dr. Tom Greek. He is very gook with chameleons. I think he is in yorba linda now. I have been gone for CA for a while. Lets us know how it goes.
Thanks for the advice ,I'm going to Dr. ROM ,but ill call ur Dr. U suggested ,ill keep everyone updated I'm going to buy some reptiaid
you could try offeering him some friut like a small sliver of kiwi or grape it may be soft enough for his to get down. i did that when my camo lost his tounge untill he seemed to be able to take crickets down.
i hated every min of force feeding but he is alive today because of it.
Ok thanks ill try that ,does anyone know of that bug recipe? Also what happened to Ur chams tounge?
Ok thanks ill try that ,does anyone know of that bug recipe? Also what happened to Ur chams tounge?

unfourtunatly he got it caught on something and bit it off. the vet said he wouldnt make it but with alot of patience and time he is doing great.
as far as a bug recipe goes i would just toss afew crickets into a coffee grinder maybe add some friut to get a good consistancy and grind it into a paste almost liquid. JMO
i ould prob,order some reptaide i have not used this but have heard great things about it.
best of lucky my thoughts are with you and your lil guy
Ok thanks ill try that ,does anyone know of that bug recipe? Also what happened to Ur chams tounge?

Bug juice, ensure, pedalite, feeder bugs of your choice, blend until liquid, strain to get legs and stuff out. Feed tiny amounts by syringe. It has to go to the back of the mouth, other wise they can aspirate is and choke. Good luck
He is a full grown adult. As long as he's drinking he can go quite a while without food. If it were me I'd try using a dropper or syringe and just give him the pedialyte and a little bit of ensure mixed in. I kept a panther alive for a long time on pedi & ensure back in the 90's. Force feeding is going to be adding stress to an already stressed out cham. He's in a new enviro and he's sick the less stress and handling the better. Jmo....

To me whats more imp is setting up his enclosure so that he can be comfortable and stay low in the cage so he wont fall and further injure himself. You may have to set up a tub with a uvb and clip on light so he can be in a safe setting. Put towels down on the bottom so if he falls he will be cushioned.
Definately will do, he has been laying on a bunched up shirt and he has been drinking water from a bottle and eating whole crickets 3 a day
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