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... so yeah... i left nalu's cage door open.. and he is gone.. happened yesterday.. looked all through my room.. i live in barracks so its no very big.. my window is the push out kine.. and it was cracked a little i think he made it out side.. sucks but im not o worried plenty of food out.. and it is hawaii and he was wild caught so... oh well i guess. any idea on hiding spots...

You're not the first! Try looking "up". They are usually found on curtain tops etc. If he got outside, check bushes and trees. Try looking at night when they tend to be light colored. A flashlight will spot them quickly.
there are alot of bushis out my windo... ill look there.. and i have no curtan tops.. i dontthink is in my room.. i leave his cage open wih the basking light on .. lol wishful thinking
Go out at night with a flash light. Your chameleon should stick out like a sore thumb when the light hits him. This is how they catch alot of the wild ones to my understanding. If he is a Jackson keep your eyes peeled for yellow. I would imagine a veiled or panther would probably be the easiest to spot. If you think there is a possibility that he is in the bush you may need a friend. Shine the lit up with one person and the other one seperate the limbs looking in. Work around the bush and you will probably find him. I would look around up in any possible trees first. Seems like he would go higher if anything was available.
there are a bunch of bushs like a row but there not very branchy looked earlyer didnt see him.. its dark now imma check again
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