If I dont stop looking at the classifieds I know Im going to get another cam

I think mine was somewhere between 3 hours and a day :)
Just what I need....another addiction, as if horses aren't expensive enough!
Good luck trying to have just one!
Its really hard not to get one of screamleons kits right now.....lol, I think the only reason I havent bought one yet is because Im slammed with work 6 days a week for the next month plus or else it would be here.......lol
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Well when I first got into chameleons like 20 years ago I got my first 2 on the same day. When I started college I pretty much got out of having pets, then moved into an apartment that didn't allow pets. Now (10 years later) I can have pets again so I decided to get some chameleons this year I got a Veiled back in January and just bought 2 Ambilobe Panthers. I still plan on getting a bunch of Bearded Pygmies this summer as well.
My life seems to be about the same, but I get up an hour earlier to clean and feed the chams, finches, crix, my son, horses and work.
that is not necessarily in order of importance, just order of who wants to eat first!
All I have is the cam and crix to take care of, I would say it takes a grand total of 5 minutes to dust and feed before I head out the door lol..I dont even bother feeding myself
It's funny, I got my first cham and wasn't all that in love with the experience. He was WC, absolutely terrified, draining the water was a nightmare, and there was so much to remember. And a couple months after I was paid for a work of art with a baby panther, and I wasn't too sure about him either. But once I redesigned my whole husbandry technique and started having trust breakthroughs with Othello, it changed everyhting. Now I'm obsessed, and I have a hard time not getting a new one a month :D I've managed to get 6 in a year and a half.
I went to get one fell in love with TWO and couldnt choose between them!!! so I got 2 at once!! I'm wondering if its normal to already want a 3rd! I ended up with two girls and I REALLLLLLLLY want a big beautiful colorful boy!!!
I bought 5 in January, and if I remember correctly another in February. Hahaha, it's lots of fun work.
oh my goodness melric (hope i spelled that right) do you breed them where did you put them in your house?? just two about broke me I cant imagine 10!!!!:eek:
Yeah, they're inside my house 11 total. Haha. I've bred my Veiled's and currently have eggs. My Jackson's bred around the same time so I think my female may be gravid. But so far I've had success with them. Some people, Laurie lol, have way more than me. I started breeding my crickets too. And you spelled it right. -Michael
Have to admit Melric, I'm a little jealous!! :D

We got our two at the same time from Screameleons. I've also been eyeing a couple from Kammers, but we will wait for a little bit (only because the hubby says I have to).
It took me 3 weeks after I got a blue bar panther, to build another cage and get an oustalett.. lol If there where any CB, Verrucosus around id have 3 chams...
It took me 3 weeks after I got a blue bar panther, to build another cage and get an oustalett.. lol If there where any CB, Verrucosus around id have 3 chams...

That is what I am waiting for too, any ideas when any will be available?
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