Idea for Super bowl commercial--me not tech enough


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So, before Budweiser did their commercials with Chameleons I wrote out a script adding chameleons 2 years before they did a commercial. Unfortunatly it was only me goofing around and dreaming. Then I saw the commercial and was like DANG!!!!!

So, I have been thinking about this for many years (maybe before the youngest one here on the forum).
We all know that most is dealing with Doritos and usually some form of animal wins. :::::pinky finger in corner of mouth:::::: 1 MILLION DOLLARS!!!! ( Dr. evil fans)...

This is very fictional and way out there so----if you don't have an imagination or a sense of humor- just let it go. If this is totally absurd, someone can remove it and I would not feel bad. That's the way I roll. :)

Super bowl party at Chameleon owners house, like Salty Dogs, hope you don't mind---Thinking Panther Chameleons (bright different colors).
Doritos on the table: Nacho Cheese, Ranch, and some of those 3D kinds and even the HOT ones. You might be catching on. Very colorful bowls and odd shapes.

Just before the party the OWNER forgot to close the few cages (quick clip of his rush to get inside)--- Chameleon eyes are going bonkers. They are looking at each other like "escape time", then ones sees the Dorito bowls and starts flashing colors. This signals the other to move into the party room and use their stealth camouflages (since most people think that's how it works) skills to get close enough to Shoot Doritos out of the bowls.

The majority is graphics and I don't even know how to spell it. (just kidding)

Thoughts---ideas---or delete?

thanks for your time and hope it was okay using your screen name Salty.
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Wow! Definitely looks like you put a lot of thought into this! Very imaginative, and funny!
That's funny about the Budweiser ad because my dad showed that to me and it's hilarious.

great job!


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Well, since I don't have Panthers- most if not all would be digital.
Not sure of your struggle but thanks for your concern.

Note: No chameleons would be harmed, harassed or in any danger during the advertisement..

Well- visualize a chameleon getting into the Nacho Cheese (remember not real) and taking on the color and or shapes (within the body pattern) of the tasty snack. Then the eyes moving around. Just an silly idea.

Remember my thread did start with "This is very fictional and way out there so----if you don't have an imagination or a sense of humor-just let it go".


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Exactly right! I still think it is a million dollar winner if done right. I still see Nacho Cheese, Ranchi, Taco and the other flavors would make great color and designs. Remember, chameleons are capable of puffing up, thinning, and do all kinds of crazy moves.
Imagine -- Hanging from the wall a giant Taco Dorito with eyes shooting its tongue to get another flavor and changing immediately once it enters his/her mouth (probably gender less). Anything goes with the powers of a Chameleon. I know my Veileds already have the Triangular shape. What a natural actor------
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