Ibegeek incubator issues?


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I was wondering if anyone had issues with thier Ibegeek digital incubators. My fan's motor burned out after only 8 months of usage.

I would appreciate feedback from all.




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Ive been using one for about a year and a half now. Its still doing a good job. I keep it in a location where it doesn't have to turn on much though. My only complaint about them is the temp guage. It has a hard time with seasonal changes. I have to vary the temps by about 10 degrees from summer to winter to keep it at a constant 73.


i have personal experience with the think geek 'fridge' as an incubator. mine runs cold, the temperature reading diode is too close to the heat source and thinks it has reached the desired temp sooner than it should.

using multiple thermometers inside to test the actual temp i found that when i set the incubator to 82-87°F the temp stayed at a constant 81-82° near the top and around 78-80°F near the bottom!


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Knock on wood....no issues here, either, other than the same temperature conditions ndugan7 just described. So far I've hatched crickets, green tree pythons, and weidersheimi chameleons in it since 12/09.
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