I would like you to meet Snodgrass! The 3mo ambanja male.


This is Snodgrass, my new little buddy. He just got home today! We said hello and I got him into his new cage. He is currently exploring, slowly. He has eaten about 4 or 5 crickets and has been drinking water. I had to coax him on to a stick and off of the top of his cage cause I was afraid he was going to fall. I think we are gonna get along just fine. He was the alpha male from grimbolds last clutch and after talking with briana from kammerflage creations I am even more excited to see what this little guy is going to look like! Thank you kammerflage creations and thank you to the members here who post answers, suggestions and feedback to noobs like myself.





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Sounds like your not a noob to me. You did your research before purchasing your Cham! His set up looks good from what I can tell. He will be happy with you!
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