i want some pygmy chameleons!


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okay so as the subject says, i want some. lol

im planning on getting 2 females and 1 male and my lps told me i can put them in a kritter keeper with repti-bark and some sticks and fake plants and a uvb(5.0) light on top.

i was going to get a 5gal tank with the screen lid, some eco-earth and then sprinkle some reptibark on top. then i was going to put some branches and some fake vines from the store and then i was wondering about the uvb light, would a 5.0 be too much? ive read that they can overheat and die, i dont want them to die. :( lol

and then i also wanted to know, im not really sure if i want to get 2 females and 1 male or 3 females and 2 males. is it bad to have 2 males?

Pygmies are cool, but your lps is steering you the wrong way. First, you cannot keep them in a kritter keeper. Get something like an exoterra so you have airflow from the top and from the holes in the front. In your enclosure you'll put a good layer of hydroballs. On top of that a layer of landscape fabric, and then your soil. Something like organic potting soil mixed with eco earth works well. Reptibark is not really good for your females to dig and lay their eggs in. You'll want to plant real plant in there, and put some small twigs and branches in. You can check the safe plant list. Some people don't put a uvb on top, some do. Many use a used 5.0, or a new 2.0. That's what I did after talking to people here. Two females and one male is fine. Males are territorial, so you don't want two together until you have more experience, a big setup, etc. Have you looked at the pygmy enclosure section here? I think you need to do quite a bit more reading regarding temps, humidity, proper enclosure etc. Do some reading and keep the questions coming!

please check out the pygmy section above, its the best information source for pygmies on here....

These links helped me when i started thinking about getting some the first is how to make a pygmy enclosure and the second is how to care for them!



and do a lot of reading and research before you commit the money and time to get these guys! if you went with the setup you talked about in your original post you would quickly have some dead pygmies! The standard rule is TEN gallons per PAIR of pygmies then an additional 5 gallons per additional pygmy. You should look into making a vivarium, live plants are a MUST as well as plenty of climbing sticks and sheltered areas for security. If you have males and females together they will breed and they need substrate about 4 inches deep for females to dig and lay eggs....5 gallons MIGHT be doable for ONE pygmy...
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