I thought my veiled was a boy but I was told that he is a she! I need some other opinions please!!!

This is pascal (cheesy I know, but I am a disney princess for birthday parties on the weekends so it kind of just happened 😂) when I got him I knew very little about chameleons but thanks to the forums and @Gingero ‘s videos I’ve learned so much (and spent more money on a lizard than I care to admit😬) .

anyways, I made him an Instagram @adventureswithpascal that was literally just so that I could follow other chameleons because I like seeing the pictures, and also to post pictures for my friend Hannah to see. All kinds of people that I don’t know started following the account one day, which I think is super cool but one person commented to tell me that they think that pascal is a girl! Pascal has tarsal Spurs and I think I can see his little bulge thing behind his heinie hole. I know that he’s still really young so his casque might not be super tall yet even if he is a boy, I just need to hear from other people to know if I need to get a laying bin together!

I’ll attach pictures of pascal, and his tail/feet


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I’m glad he’s a boy for you! Sounds like that’s what you wanted!
I honestly did lean more towards getting a male because egg time for females scare me 😂
I just want to be able to give whatever gender chameleon the best life that I possibly can, and I like being prepared + knowing what I’m getting myself into so that was my main concern. Not gonna lie I am super happy that he is a he though! I can breathe a lot easier now
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