I she gonna eat them?


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Now that I have my cham he's been walking around alot and I don't think I've seen him eat yet?? Are the crickets gonna attack him tonight? Silly question perhaps but he's MY cham and I don't want him getting hurt.


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Black crickets definitely can attack. I've heard some horror stories. The more common brown type I've left in cages and never had any problems.


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Even though I don't think they would attack him and eat him alive I still think it is a good idea to remove any remaining feeders. They will and can nibble on your sleeping Cham, I don't think your little guy would like that very much. ;) I think mostly it would be annoying to him. :)


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I just keep my feeders in a large red plastic cup and he goes and eats them from in there....they can't get out of it (mostly) so its no hassle-no worry :)

Also I can quickly count how many are left in the cup and know how many he has eaten.
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