i need some help with nail breaks


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cosmo broke his nail today and i am not sure what to do. is there a procedure to taking care of the nail break and if i need meds what do i need. this is my first experiance with a nail break so i am very lost and concerned. any info would be greatly apperciated thank you
Is it bleeding (Barley, Bad). There is a vein that runs into the nail, Reptiles have been known to bleed out from broken/Cut nails. If it is bleeding put some flower on it and go to a vet. The flower helps clot the wound. When I had my Waterdragon, I would trim its nails and I always had to be carefull of not hitting that vein. If it is just the tip broken, I think it will be fine and grow out over time.

It Broke But There Is No Bleeding So I Think Its Just The Tip. but it just look like it broke to the finger. but still there is no bleeding
If the Finger it self is broken, I dont know what you can do, or even if a vet can help. You may consider going and having it checked out. It may end up like a boken toe on us humans you just have to let it heal?

Sounds like the nail came right off. There isn't always blood, but to be safe, you should clean it. My advice would be to; Shower him, then cleanse the area with Polysporin. Repeat tomorrow, maybe the next day as well.
its a fine aluminum screen but he just always loves climbing on it. he slipped and i heard him and the nail was broken. no blood was thereand he doesnt seem to favor it. he still climbs the cage. and i always wanted to know what a chameleon shower was. ive heard people talk about it but never really found out what it was. i dont think his finger is broken. jjust the nail broke. thank you everyone for your help.
Don't put the water falling right on the plant, but instead turn it against the wall, and let the rebounding sprinkle land on the plant. A much softer shower.
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