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K.. Well.. I'm getting a chameleon some time in the next week or two and i was wondering what's the youngest that i can get one at? like i wanna get it small but not to small that i'm gonna have to constantly give it attention. i also wanted to know what kinda of uhm.. habitat? idk what to exactly call it :confused::confused: err cage ? glass? lights? plants? rocks? and protein/food? like that kinda stuff that i need to get for it?. (If you haven't guess'd already i've never own'd a reptile.. :(). Will the person that i get it off of tell me this stuff or liek what?! I'm totaly like lost :(:confused::mad:

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Hi and Welcome to the Chameleon World! They are awesome pets. Id advise getting one around 4mths old, no younger. It will be way easier on you.

As for the rest, Do a little research on these forums. There are posts explaning everything in detail everywhere. This is something yoiu dont want to rush.


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As the above poster has mentioned, all of this info can be found on this forum-so you have found the greatest source of info concerning chameleons. I am so glad that you are starting your research before getting one! Welcome to the world's greatest addiction! One thing-a 2 month old will really need the same exact amount of care and time as a 1 year old. They are a time consuming animal. They do not drink out of water dishes, must be misted several times daily, and only eat live insects-which can be as much work as the cham itself!

Here is a list of items you would need if you got a 3 ish month old Veiled-but Veileds grow fast and will need a larger cage soon. Panthers are about the same care but grow a bit more slowly, but eventually both of these if males will need a screen cage at least 24X24X48. They need smaler cages as babies to find food more easily.

Zoo Med 18" 5.0 UVB bulb
$13.99 each
16 x 16 x 30 inch Aluminum screen cage
$54.99 each
20" fluorescent hood fixture
$26.99 each
Zoo Med Digital Thermometer with probe
$6.99 each
Regular Clip lamp
$5.99 each
Exo Terra Jungle Vine Medium
$9.89 each
RepCal ultra fine calcium with D3
$4.99 each
Rep Cal Calcium WITHOUT D3
$4.99 each
RepCal Herptivite supplement
$8.99 each

Subtotal $137.81
Shipping $16.95
Total $154.76

These prices may be off a bit, but LLLReptile.com has the lowest prices around! However-DO NOT BUY A CHAMELEON FROM A PETSTORE! Buy from a reputable breeder-the site sponsors and hobbiest breeders on this website are the best in the business. Add some live plants to fill up the cage and you are good to go!

Now all that said, please read everything on the below link-it is the most current care sheet out there! Good luck!


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I completely agree with everything Julirs said above. Make sure you do lots of research and buy your cage and all supplies and have it set up and working properly BEFORE you buy your chameleon. Welcome to the Forums! Jann

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You have a lot of work to do!
Owning a reptile is easy ... owning a chameleon is not easy!
I would re-think doing this so quickly.

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