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thank you so much for all the info! looks like i have a lot of work to do!! she can still grip pretty well. she doesn’t fall off of things and she’ll still climb occasionally
If it stresses her out, don't handle her if you don't have to.
Yes, no mealworms. There are less stinky and healthier options than crickets, too, like roaches, black soldier fly larvae, roaches, flies, mantids, stick insects, locusts and more. I'm attaching feeder and gutload charts below (the orange cubes aren't good). Make sure to use as many gutload ingredients as possible, as variety is key for it! A variety of different types/species of bugs is best, as well!
You need to be misting her enclosure down as the main source of water for her. A minimum of two times a day (preferably around lights on and lights off) for a minimum of 2-5+ minutes long each time. A fine mist spray bottle/pressurized sprayer will work, but an automated misting system works best. You can keep the dripper though, as it adds another drinking opportunity.
That cage is too small for her. The dimensions of the cage needed depends on how bad her MBD (metabolic bone disease) is.
You need a T5 High Output linear fixture the length of her cage with either an Arcadia 6% or Zoo Med ReptiSun 5.0 T5 HO linear UVB bulb of the matching size. It'll need to be 6" away from where the top of her back is when she's on her basking branch.

She needs live and veiled-tested plants only, as fake plants and fake vines with leaves on them are an impaction risk, which can lead to death.

Her cage needs a lot of work, including replacing the moss vines with safe ones, adding branches, and adding safe live plants. Is she kept outside or indoors, or both? I'll go more into detail on everythingonce I review your full husbandry form.
With her MBD, can she climb and grip good enough to not be wobbly or fall over?
also, she’s only outside right now because the vet recommended it. she’s usually indoors


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thank you so much for all the info! looks like i have a lot of work to do!! she can still grip pretty well. she doesn’t fall off of things and she’ll still climb occasionally
Great! Here are some great podcast episodes to check out! Also, Bill Strand's Chameleon Academy has the most accurate and up-to-date info, so be sure to read through every module and check out the veiled species profile, as well as listening to as many podcast episodes as possibly, too (The Chameleon Academy Podcast used to be The Chameleon Breeder Podcast, incase that confuses you):
Also, with your chameleon having MBD, you'll want to give her tons of natural sunlight as well


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You said..."she’s a veiled chameleon , female, about 6 months old. she’s been in my care since december 5th of last year"...can you post acouple of photos of her from today so I can see her from both sides please?

You said..." i try not to handle her too much because i see that it stresses her out but i try to handle her weekly at least."...since she has MBD (metabolic bone disease) try not to handle her any more than needed right now...her bones may break if you handle her.

You said..."i feed her mealworms (the vet told me to stop doing that) and crickets"...mealworms are ok as a treat as sate suoerworms, hornworms, waxworms. Silkworms, BSFL, roaches, crickets are good for feeding on a regular basis. You want to feed your insects well so that your chameleon has a healthy diet.

You said..."i gut load them with a feeder i got at the pet store (they’re like little orange cubes)"...I don't recommend using these at all. You should be using greens, etc from the chart @ERKleRose posted.

You said..."i have a water dripped for her that drops throughout the day. her most recent droppings are dark brown"....what color are the urates?

You said..."i yurn her light on at 8am and turn it off at 8pm. the vet also told me i was using the wrong bulb. so he recommended i take her outside. we live in southeast texas and her cage sits on my night stand way from the vents..the best uvb lights are the reptisun 5.0 long linear tube light and the Arcadia 6% long linear tube light...but sunlight is even better as long as the chameleon can move in an out of it to get some shade.

Your female definitely is old enough to lay eggs and should have an egg laying bin in the cage at all times now. You era been given good info on that and the laying process.

You've been given good plant info and lots of good links.

The hospital cage is a good idea right now...just be sure that she can get UVB but can move out of it too...same with a basking light. With a chameleon has MBD it has difficulty moving often and might not be able to move away when it's too hot or getting too much UVB.

She definitely needs liquid calcium under the supervision of a good chameleon vet until her bones and muscles, etc are strong again... and proper supplementation forever.

You have one more issue...if she's making eggs already, she's going to have difficulty laying them, digging the hole, etc too and could end up eggbound. How much are you feeding her in a week? What are your supplements and how often do you use each? How heavily do you dust? I'm particularly interested I. The phos, calcium, D3 and form of vitamin A...and brands of each.
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