I just ordered a cage


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chk out reptile depot

I just ordered a cage from reptile depot (www.reptiledepot.com). it is 24/24/48 black screen with a huge door opens front and another foldout door at bottom for cleaning -- $80 - it was on special last week - may still be. I think it looks pretty nice. Still working on its interior setup.
I am using that exact cage for a panther. The small bottom door is very convenient. Reptile Depot is not the fastest at shipping, but their cages are a good deal.
About how long did it take for your cage to arrive? I'm trying to plan out when I'll need one and when to order it. My male veiled cham is about 3 and a half to 4 months old.
I don't recall exactly. Probably 2-3 weeks. Anyone know of other places that sell chameleon cages with the extra door on the bottom?
Yeah, the bottom door was my main drive to buy that cage. Seems like it would make a huge difference in cleaning the cage. Anyone that has any ideas would be great.

I got my 24x24x48 aluminum cage from LLLReptile, and it has that bottom opening door. So you chould check that out, they have good prices for it.

That is good to hear. I emailed them last year some time and asked if their cages had the extra door and their answer was no. I guess they have changed their design. Thanks for letting us know - always good to have options.
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