I held Firnen for the first time today!


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Recently I have been trying to see if i can handle Firnen. every now and then i would present my hand to him slowly to see if he would climb on. normally he wouldnt move, but today i tried something different. i picked up a cord that was on the floor and held it in front of him horizantally. he didnt even hesitate he climbed right into the cord and then onto my hand. i held him for about 5 minutes and took him outside for some sun and fresh air. he was very vibrant and he gripped my hand so hard he almost drew blood. but it was the first time that i had ever held him so i kind of expected it.

Here are some pictures :)


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Congrats to you - that's such an awesome feeling isn't it? Hopefully Firnen keeps getting more and more comfortable with you! :D


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He looks great! Glad to see you were able to hold him and get some outside time! Hopefully he will get used to it and you can handle him more!!


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2 thumbs up :):) I know that feeling... after trying over n over again for almost 2 months i ended up putting my little guy in the mean cham category... then one day its like i light came on. I walked up to his cage to put crickets inside n he runs on my hand n sat there looking at me.. as if he was saying "well take me out of my cage, its what you've been trying to do ever since i got here" Anyway congrats on making that connection with Firnen... Cham on fella...
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