I have baby hissers!

They have turned dark now and there is no way I'll be able to count them.
Their terrarium has about 2 inches of "Jungle Floor" and lots of leaves and branches.
At one point when they were still white I counted 11 but I'm sure I missed some.
I'm wondering if the whole family could move into one of the trash can enclosures....Does anyone know if hissers chew screen like crickets?
I guess I could find out..........:eek:

I've got that black plastic screen stuff covering the ventilation hole I cut in the lid of a rubbermaid that I keep my hissers in.

They haven't chewed through it, but there is also a layer of vasoline around the top, so I'm not sure that they can even get up there. ( i would think that they could though since the egg crates are pretty tall)
if I am not mistaken, they can not crawl on glass. a small 2 gallon tank with screen top..lots of bark for a substrate...not one has ever been seen crawling up glass..
They do crawl up glass.
Their first choice of where to be in their current enclosure is on the
tree stump perch, but I often see them hanging out on the glass walls.

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