i have babies

my babies started hatching i have 1 out, 3 peeking, and 1 just started, and 4 not started but egg becoming clear. any ideal on keeping them would help
I must have missed something. What is hatching? Chameleons? Are these the veiled eggs? Anyway congrats on the new babies. If this is the veileds, you can use an aquarium with paper towels or nothing in the bottom and a few small potted plants inside. I also put a piece of manzanita wood in there because it has tiny branches for them. I use a 20gal long aquarium so I can put the heat lamp at one end giving them a chance to get away from it if they choose. Be careful with the heat light, don't make it too hot for them. If you use this method, you will have to move them up to a screened enclosure eventually, this is just to get them started. An important thing to remember is to mist them atleast 2-3 times a day because they can dehydrate quickly at that size and have food items readily available. Also make sure that they have a good flourescent light on them.

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i have 6 babies so far, 2 still hatching, and 1 getting ready to start( shell is becomeing clear) they are the coolest lizards. 1 question should they be fine till mid next week to start feeding because if i order cricket monday it can take 2 days to ship and no local pet shop has pinheads right now. i know becuse i work for one and a friend with a guy at the other his pinhead were taken out by a spider. thank i'll have photos posted monday
sorry i forgot to say they are veiled chameleons and right now i have 8 fully hatched and 1 still not ready. like i said earlier i won't be able to crickets till monday and they should arrive tuesday or wednesday because nobody has small pinheads
Does anyone in your area have fruit flies? Or, you could put out a bit of fruit and see if you can attract wild ones. Or, you can try using a net to catch bugs that are size appropriate until the crickets come in.

i was think abut catching some termites that is what i did last time. tell you the truh i caught some fruit fly yesterday at the store and left them at the store. i'll be ordering crickets this morning before 10 so they will be here tomorrow. my 9th egg started to hatch so i have 9 out of 9
i found my fuit fly colony i had that had regular fruitflies in it that i thought was dead and all gone so i put some of them in with the chameleons i am ordering crickets within the hour for sameday shipping and they will be here tomorrow. no i don't have a petco near me and i'm better off order stuff off line the any where else


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