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i have a male veiled chameleon, approximately 7 months of age. i just realized that my chameleon has a small amount of a white crystal-like substance around his nostrils on both sides. i know this means too much calcium.
The question: should i stop all calcium until the crystals disappear or lower the amount? Or any other suggestions?
It's not harmful, reptiles excrete extra salt that way. You may have water with a high salt concentration so if you're concerned about it you could use RO or distilled water for your cham instead. The buildup isn't harmful and doesn't cause blockages of nasal passages or anything so if it doesn't bother you don't worry about it. :)

Definitely do not reduce dietary calcium though!
Maybe mist a bit more aggressively (as in: make sure the face gets wet) just to see if that will wash it off. However, as has been stated, it's not harmful.

No one has asked you any questions, so I will. How "dusted" are your feeders? If you are putting crickets that are almost white ("ghosts") in the cage then you are likely over supplementing. That doesn't mean you need to stop, but you might want to adjust your process. Brad Ramsey has a very good way to deal with this: dust 2 crickets, not all of them.
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