I hate Ants !


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So I come home from picking up my wife, turn on a dim light to see if my chameleon felix is fine.

While felix is sleeping, i notice ants on the bottom of the enclosure!

spray with water and swab them up, and then notice a line coming up one of the legs of my stand, and from the baseboards on the wall to a SMALL gap in between two baseboards...

AFTER about 30 minutes killing them, spraying them, cleaning their rampage of dead crickets (feeders in the cage, THANK GOD) and sealing the small hole in the wall with what i could atm (hot glue lol). I'm realizing how much I hate them.

I am thankful they didnt attack my cham, silkworms, supers and crickets. Although I am staying up for a bit longer because if they do some how come back, off to wal-mart to get some ant poison....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!


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I have been having the same problem. They are horrible this year. I think someone fed them steriods over the winter. Usually the ant stake around the house work. I put them around the house every 5 feet, and the are still coming in:mad: I put the gel around some places tha my cats cant get to but they are still coming in..still not sure what I going to try next. but I heard if you leav yeast down the will take it back for their queen and she will eat it and explode. I hope it works.


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We had a horrible ant problem earlier this year that we ended up having to get an exterminator out to solve (and it took him several trips) we would leave the kitchen and when we came back in 10min the black granite would be solid black ants. It was horrible and no amount of ant spray or poison had any lasting effect.
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Whatever you do, do not get complacent with the ants. A couple years ago, I lost a few of my most high end geckos and more were injured by the ants.

I think our house is built on a giant ant hill or something. No amount of poison, exterminating, soapy water, Neem oil, physical barriers (water moats, bug guard), etc. ...nothing has 100% rid our home and yard of them. :eek:
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