i finally got my jacksons

i finally got my jackson chameleon my friend that started me out with chameleon had some at his store. he was telling me that it would talk a while for them to get back to eating after the move but yesterday they were eatung out of my hand as i was trying to put cricket in the cage for them


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Congrats on the Jacksons!! They look great. What's their names? Did you get them from First Coast?

I was going to tell you I found another small reptile store on Southside that has a giant chameleon, carpet chameleon and some sort of horned chameleon in it plus supply stuff. It's called Renee's Emporium close to Beach Blvd. (And ... they also have MONKEYS!! Four different varieties and they're so cute and cuddly looking). :^)
yeah i got them from first coast he gave them to me for 120 the pair. last weekend i had to catch a coatimundi that was given to one of my friend. there is a plant shop on beach blvd that was selling ficus trees for $12. i'm thinking about nameing them liz and frizzle after the magic school bus
They're very nice!! We really like the guy at First Coast. He's very friendly and helpful. We've gotten a couple cages from him already ... both handmade by him.

I got my ficus at Home Depot for $8.99. They had a nice selection of them and I even had to trim some of the top to get in it my screened enclosure for my nosy be panther.

I'll be looking forward to the new adventures of Liz and Frizzle in the future. :^)
what home depot did you go to i haven't found any ficus tree at the ones i go to. do you have any plan april 5 at 7pm the jhs is having there annual photo contest at mosh and i'll be there and i will have one of my veiled with me and some other animals on display. the herp society membership is only 15 dollar per person or 20 for family. this is were i meet the guy from first coast 2yrs ago at this meeting
I got my ficus tree at the Home Depot next to Regency Mall in Arlington. (Maybe give them a call and have them set you aside one till you get there). They had several that were in the inside little greenhouse room where all the orchids are. There was a bunch of them sitting on the floor with a sign for $8.99.

I'd like to go to the herp society meeting on April 5th. Do they usually have "live" displays at every meeting? Sounds pretty interesting! :^)
Nice Jacksons! I always thought about getting one. I also seen some ficus at my local Home Depot for $8.99 as well as some Schefflerras (Spelling?).
nice chams :D
I have always liked jacksons. They look like little green dinosaurs.

Ficus trees for $8.99? I'm going to have to go visit my local home depot.
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they don't have displays every meeting but people do bring in reptiles all the time for trades and sales just stuff animals they want to get rid of. in october they have an auction and christmas they have a great party
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