I decided to get panther


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I was talking to www.lllreptile.com " scott " and he was saying there is limited time offer on nosey blue's and you can get em for $129.00. I asked how they cared for babies and his information was good. I asked about parents and he said that he gets from local breeder and says the coloration is very pretty blue! Most colorfull nosey's ive seen have blue as babies as these do. I do think I am getting em in 2 days and will keep you all posted and see if pics cant be made :)
nice :D
How old is he? Look forward to hearing about him and seeing some pics. My new panther Ezhno shed again today and more color is coming in:):) I like to place feeders throughout his cage so he can hunt. Well today, he decided to just shoot at them while still in my hand:p He has become much more comfortable with his environment recently. I will post a couple pics soon.
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