I am new to owning a cham and to the forum PLEASE HELP


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Why is my cham staying brown I have bought some plants for him and He has some vines to climb on.And when I get him out he turns a pretty green and yellow.I have some pictures of him and his home.If anyone can help me I would Like that.This is my first cham and it took me 2 months before buying him.
In order to help, you will need to provide much information. (pictures would help.)

How big is the cage? What light sources and whether it includes uvb? What water sources? Basking temps, ambient temps? Humidity?...
If your chameleon is having problems and you want input from other chameleon owners, be sure to include as much information as possible:

1. Cage type: What size and type of cage (screen, glass, etc.)?

2. Temperatures: What is the basking temperature? How do you measure the temperature in your setup? What is the temperature in the warmest spot? The coolest spot? At night? During the day? You should measure the temperature of the chameleons' skin or the surface of its current branch to get a more accurate reading. Do you leave any heat on at night? What is the temperature in the room at night?

3. Lighting: What brand is your UVB light? How long have you been using it? How long are your lights on each day? Do you leave any lights on at night? Where are the lights? on top?

4. Humidity: Do you have a humidity gauge? What is the range of relative humidity (RH) from lowest to highest? How long does it take to go from high to low? Do you use a humidifier? Do you live in the north or south (or other)?

5. Water: Have you observed your chameleon drinking? How often do you mist? Do you have a dripper?

6. Food:
Have you observed your chameleon eating? What is the chameleon's diet? Where do you get your live feeder prey? What are you feeding the feeders? Fresh veggies? Gut load? If you use a commercial gut load what is the brand? If you make your own what are the ingredients?

7. Supplements: What type of supplement(s) do you use? Brand name(s)? How often do you use supplements?

8. Plants & branches: What plants do you have? Are your plants alive or fake? Do the plants provide lots of coverage where the chameleon will feel safe? Can you see your chameleon most of the time or can it hide from your view?

9. Chameleon facts: How old is the chameleon? Do you know if it is wild caught or captive born? Did you get the chameleon at a show? Breeder?

10. Handling: Do you handle your chameleon? How often and how long? What is its reaction to you? Is the cage in a quiet part of the house or is it in a busy or noisy area? Any big stereo speakers near the cage? Is your chameleon alone in the cage? Can your chameleon see any other herps or pets from the cage?

11. Veterinarians: Do you have a veterinarian who KNOWS chameleons?

One last thing: As great as everyone is here (and they are), if there is a medical problem there is no substitute for a trip to the veterinarian.

Notes: Lele & Carlton, members of the kingsnake.com Chameleon forum community, put the information together for this article.
I have some pictures of him and his home in my gallery.His temp stays at 90-95 and the Humidity is 60. I have a drip system and I mist him I have a red heat bulb with uvb that I have used on my Igunnia.His cage is 12x12x18. Thanks Tabbi
A few things:

-Do not use the Infra Red Bulbs. Use a daylight basking type bulb.
-That Red bulb doesnt produce UVB, maybe UVA, but I doubt UVB, you'll need a (Florescent) UVB bulb.
-Buy a new screen cage, the one you have isn't very practical nor the right dimensions. Just trust me on this one.
-Remove the perlite from the plant pot. (Repot and replace the soil)
-Get rid of the waterbowl (If thats what I see in the middle)
I got him on July 5,2006.He is 2 months old and he gets handle alot he likes being held he turns a pretty green and yellow when he is being held.And I have a vet for reptiles in case I need one I have a 5 year old green Igunna I had him since he was a baby and we have a snake and a cat.He is drinking and eating good.He eats live crickets and I give him one silk worm and one mealworms.and I have a plant in there for him it is a Pothos.I have Read that is a good plant for them.
OK,What you see in there is his food dish.I order new basking bulbs for him today so they should be here monday.what size cage should I get for him? I bought the new bulbs and they are a 100 watt bulb is that good for them?
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tabbi1 said:
OK,What you see in there is his food dish.I order new basking bulbs for him today so they should be here monday.what size cage should I get for him? I bought the new bulbs and they are a 100 watt bulb is that good for them?

I would say right now at 2 months a screened cage of 18wide, 18 deep, and 30 tall. should be fine. This will have to be upgraded when he is close to being an adult to 24 wide, 24 deep, and 48 tall. As far as the wattage of your lights it depends on the heat in side the cage. As long as you can move the lights away from the cage to maintain a 95* basking temp you should be fine. The cool side of the cage should be around 75*. For the UVB Light (Which you really need) It has to be a floresent style light, in addition to the basking light. Hope this helps.

yes. as stated before, its SUPER important to remove the "perlite" (im not sure if thats what its called) and replace it with plain soil that has no special additives like moisturizers or fertalizers. Because i had one of my chams. eat one, and die a rather horrible death. >_<
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