Hydrometer placement


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I just purchased a digital thermometer/hydrometer from Lowes. My question is where should it be placed in the cage. It is currently in the upper left of the cage and the humidity is reading "low", even when I mist it rarely goes above 20%. If the meter is lower in the cage it will get soaked. What is everyone else doing and where should the measurements be taken?

I'd think you would indeed want it 'out of the way' since you aim to measure ambient humidity and not how wet the cage gets. Not to mention with prolonged soaking the electrical unit is likely to stop working. It's possible that your misting really is not contributing enough to the humidity within the cage, and that alternate methods may need to be added.
Actually, I am having a similar problem...I have a Flukers thermometer/hygrometer, and yesterday it decided that it was 168˚F and no humidity. I've only had it a couple of months, but in my 10g brev tank, there isn't much place to put it that it won't get soaked when we mist. Is the thing defective (which I'm voting for) or has it gotten too wet (seems stupid for a hygrometer, but....)?
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