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While i was researching ball pythons i came up with an idea to raise humidity and an aquarium or screen cage.

if you boil some water, and then pour it into a small dish and cover it with screen or somthing, and maybe hide it. im sure it would raise humidity, would that work? i could put another bowl for water for the creature....would it work? i think its one of my beter ideas lol

Itd be easier to just buy two humidifiers (warm mist) and set them near the cage. Thats what we did. You can get cheap ones at Wal-mart for like ten dollars a piece. It helps a lil.
A humidifer seems must simpler and safer. If you can fit a pot of boiling water in the cage you can probably fit a small humidifier in there too.
well i meen just like a small cup, it would produce a lot of water wouldnt it? very cheap, not to hard to maintain....kidna wut i mean is would it work to humidify the cage?
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