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Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by Nrupaw, Aug 27, 2012.

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    I use an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier to increase humidity in my screen cage. I use PVC piping from the humidifier to get the mist to the cage. I have shower liner on 3 sides to keep humidity up. (see pictures)

    The setup works pretty well. However the issue i am facing is the build up of water droplets on the screen cage where the mist comes up. After a few mins of running, this water build up prevets the mist from going into the cage and it ends up gets disperred outside the screen.

    Any ideas how i can tackle this issue? anyone else face it too? Also, would this water build up on the screen cage lead to rust? after the Humidifier goes off it does take a few hrs for that water build up to evaporate

    Pictures available here -

    (p.s. I used to have the PVC piping setup that the mist would get in from the side of the cage, but had the same issue)
  2. Carlton

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    I know people don't like to cut holes in their screen, but cutting a slot for the spout and extending it through the mesh into the cage is the solution for this buildup. Either that or make a patch of larger mesh screen (like hardware cloth) and replace the finer mesh right under the fogger spout.
  3. Nrupaw

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    Yeah, the thought did cross my mind, but just haven't been a big fan of cutting the screen, you know.

    Another idea i am playing with is to maybe mark out the area right under the PVC pipe, and using a Phillips screwdriver, punch in a few larger holes. Maybe that might help with less build up of water and more mist passing through.

    the thing i am worried about is that this is a permanent solution. if it doesn't do the job, i am stuck with some large holes in the screen
  4. Carlton

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    If you cut a slit (instead of cutting a circle or square opening) in the screen long enough so you can gently push the spout through, you can stitch the slit closed with monofilament later if you end up having to move the spout. And, position the spout where you are less likely to want a patch later. This WILL solve your buildup problem.
  5. Nrupaw

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    Will give it a shot. thanks again!

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