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Now...not saying that I would ever give me chameleon human food (such as crisps etc.) but for some reason Tilly has become a real greedy pig. The other day she tried to eat some of my pop tart and then yesterday tried to eat some of my ice cream. What's going on? Haha. Has anybody else chameleon ever done this.

And she's super friendly just lately too. It's crazy.
One of the early issues of the cnn newsletter back in the 90s had stories of owners panther chameleons (or a story of a panther chameleon- can't remember now which) that liked to snack on things like breakfast cereal.
She may be receptive or cycling her second clutch. Amy now eats carrot and rocket leaves since she laid her first clutch. She even tried to shoot my fingernails several times today! Females are far too piggy for their own good!:rolleyes: I am being really strict with her as I don't want her laying so many again this time, it's hard but I know it's for her own good in the long run!
Maybe that's it. Maybe she's just a fat pig. We limited her food quite a lot since the last clutch. She's always eaten fruit and veg. She will eat pretty much anything you give to her!
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