Huge Baby Ambilobe?


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Hello All,

I just got my first panther chameleon today from FL Chams. He is the son of Hunter, a Blue Barred Ambilobe. I was shocked when he got here. The site had him listed as being 4 months old...which I figured would be about 4-5 inches in total length (including the tail)...but this guy is huge in comparison. His body alone is easily 5-6 inches! Were my expectations that far off? Should a 4 month old be this big?

I'm trying so hard not to disturb him. He had a tough journey and was very stressed when he got here. He was crammed into a pretty small container for shipping and was pretty PO'ed when we opened the container...shedding, dark, hissing...etc.

The last Cham I'd seen was a Veiled at the local pet store that was barely 2" in body length...and I figured it was a few months old. Even the "juvenile" veileds I'd seen being sold before weren't this big.

Any info on realtive size vs. age would be greatly appreciated. I called FL Chams, but they didn't pick up and haven't returrned the call yet.


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I think a picture would be ever so helpful!

My gut feeling would be a snout to vent length of about 3 inches would be right for that age, but that's just based on observation and reading...there are loads of breeders here who know.


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I really only have mine to go on. he's less than 3 1/2 months and his body is 4-5 inchs easily and I hear they grow like weeds the first months so I can see a 4 month old being that big.


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Yes a picture would be great...but i don't want to stress him out any more than I have to right now. I'll see how he's doing tomorrow. Maybe I can snap a pic with a ruler for reference. I want to weigh him as well.


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Veileds that are 2" long are 1 month old, usually it's a bad sign as it's so young it wont be cared for as it needs.

Since you got your Panther from FL Chams I wouldn't be worried at all.
You could have gotten a hold back that he decided he didn't have use for anymore.
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